Case #1 - Optimized Pricing Strategy
A major national retailer was facing declining market share in a major category and was at risk of losing their leading position. They had a vague notion that they might be overpriced, but their data was anecdotal at best.

360pi provided them with complete visibility into thousands of their products across multiple key competitors. This gave them actionable empirical evidence and not only verified that they were over-priced on items, but by precisely how much. Given increased price transparency and price sensitivity by consumers, it was clear that they were losing unit sales on higher priced products as well as customer traffic in their stores.

They also discovered that their premium products were underpriced compared to their competitors, meaning they were missing out on a substantial amount of potential margin and revenue. Both of these discoveries have allowed this retailer to optimize their pricing strategy accordingly, in order to improve sales, improve margins and increase revenues.

Case #2 - Improved Negotiating Position with Manufacturer
A leading bricks and mortar retailer arranged a promotion on a manufacturer's products and secured a special discount from the manufacturer to help drive sales. They spent a significant amount of time, money and resources in preparing and advertising this promotion and expected to see an increase in sales.

However, with 360pi they discovered that despite their lowered promotional pricing, they were still at a higher price than their key competitor. In their words, this "really raised some eyebrows", and they started questioning whether the price the manufacturer offered them was really the best price, or if they had more overhead and additional costs in their sales process than their competitors.

360pi helped this retailer improve their negotiating position with the manufacturer, increase their margins and create more successful promotions.

Case #3 - Faster, Better Price Changes
A leading e-commerce retailer, who prides themselves "on being a low-price leader," recently found that they were actually ranked 14th out of 26 possible competitors on pricing! Needless to say, not exactly in line with their pricing strategy.

Using 360pi, they have changed their processes to analyze their prices daily, and make adjustments in pricing and product mix to optimize their margins and live up to their claims. They are now making tens of thousands of price changes on a daily basis, something that would have been impossible without 360pi.

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