Here is what some of our customers say about improving their price intelligence...

More Visibility
"In our tests, 360pi produced over 4 times the product matches of its nearest competitor, and the data quality was better."
Director, eCommerce, Global Top 20 Retailer

"We always sensed that we were overpriced, but 360pi showed us on which products and how much margin we were actually giving up"
Manager, Pricing, Consumer Electronics Retailer

Faster Visibility
"You showed us more in 2 weeks than our previous provider did in a year."
CEO, Top 10 Global Ecommerce Retailer

"The timeliness of 360pi's data far surpasses what QL2 and RivalWatch were capable of."
Director, Merchandising and Analytics, Top 10 Global Ecommerce Retailer

Better Visibility
"We selected 360pi because their data is more robust than their competition's."
Manager, Ecommerce Direct Fulfillment, Top 5 Global Retailer

"360pi gives us evidence to make price changes, and that is powerful."
Director, Competitive Intelligence, Top 20 Global Retailer

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