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Right-Pricing with Price Intelligence

360pi Competitive Price Intelligence solutions provide retailers with actionable insights into competitors' pricing and product mix and enable them to make smarter, faster, more confident decisions to increase conversions, revenues, and margins.

360pi delivers on-demand price intelligence to retailers for direct and comparable products along with supporting product information, such as shipping and availability. 360pi's proprietary platform enables retailers to access this product and price intelligence online and in-store, and provides easy integration into back-office systems. The 360pi Competitive Price Intelligence solutions suite includes:


Directly compare prices of identical products with near real-time competitor prices, shipping, stock status, etc., delivered via 360pi's customer portal, API, or as raw data files. Be right-priced vs. lowest priced.


Assess relative price competitiveness for similar (but not identical) products; especially well-suited for facilitating pricing decisions on unique SKUs, private label, and exclusive products.


Evaluate competitor product mixes to easily identify gaps and opportunities, and monitor changes.


Dynamically update product prices based on internal rules for competitive and internal conditions.


Empower in-store associates with real-time competitive price intelligence to facilitate a response to price-match claims, be more informed about the competitive environment, and ultimately convert showroomers and shoppers into buyers.


Extract pricing opportunities and threats from volumes of competitive data with this suite of interactive dashboard visualizations. Drill down to SKUs that require immediate attention.


"360pi tripled the match rate of our incumbent solution. As well, during the bid process, we provided a list of our hardest-to-match product set to competing price intelligence vendors and 360pi more than doubled the match rate of the next closest competitor."

Andy Voelker, Retail Pricing Strategy, Ace Hardware

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