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Convert "Showroomers" to Buyers

With competitive price-checking now so effortless for shoppers, "showrooming" (browsing in-store, then buying online) is fast becoming the norm. 360mobile empowers your in-store associates with accurate, real-time price intelligence to respond to price-matching requests effectively and efficiently, lifting conversions and converting showroomers into buyers.

  • Real-time access to competitive price and product information on the sales floor
  • Supported on smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops or in-store kiosks
  • Available through API to allow complete integration with existing applications
  • Easy SaaS delivery options and integration via customer portal, API or data files

Customer Value

  • Convert showroomers into buyers
  • Increase in-store conversion rates
  • Empower in-store associates

Our Customers

"The entire buying process has changed - from where customers do their research to where they're influenced, to where, when, and how they ultimately buy. 360mobile gives our retail associates the information they need to better address customer questions and concerns, and lets prospective customers make an informed decision while in the store, effectively turning showroomers into buyers."

Sean Wilson
Vice President of Merchandising Operations
Best Buy Canada

The 360pi Advantage

  • Complete
  • Accurate
  • Scalable
  • Broad category expertise

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