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HolidayWinnersAndLosers  Retail's 2013 Holiday Winners and Losers
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In this webinar, 360pi references top retailers' financial reports for the holidays and links holiday pricing strategy and execution to financial performance.

Key Takeaways: 

  • See how retailers approached pricing during the holidays;
  • Get an in-depth look at the most common pricing strategies;
  • See a fascinating day-by-day view of pricing trends in top categories;
  • Learn how pricing strategies impacted retailer revenues and financial performance;
  • Learn about revenue opportunities and winning pricing strategies for 2014.

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ACE  Customer Success Story: Ace Hardware 
    PDF Case Study


Ace Hardware was searching for a new price intelligence solution vendor to help them improve the poor accuracy of their competitive pricing results, and enable their individual store owners to make smarter price decisions. 

Read this case study to discover how 360pi helped Ace Hardware:

  • Increase their product matches by over 300%
  • Provide near-real-time competitive pricing data for their 80+ zones
  • Improve the pricing recommendations by their price optimization solution, IBM DemandTec 

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FuelingTheRetailEngine  Fueling the Retail Pricing Engine of the Future
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This on-demand webinar provides merchandising best practices and unveils the powerful combination created by IBM DemandTec and 360pi. 

In this webinar, Ace Hardware reveals how they increase sales and margins with real-time insights into competitors' prices and assortment. You'll learn about: 

  • Leveling the playing field with the modern day consumer
  • Competing with Amazon and their dynamic pricing strategies
  • Maximizing sales, margins and revenue with smarter merchandising decisions
  • How analytics based on consumer demand and real-time competitive pricing data takes pricing to the next level

The future of pricing is here.  View the webinar now.


ToughLoveThumbTough Love: An In-Depth Look at Retail Pricing Practices 


RSR's annual pricing benchmark is the go-to resource for retailers who want to know how their pricing strategies and tactics compare to their peers. Over 100+ retailers participated in the sixth annual benchmark.

Just some of the key findings from this year's study include:

  • Retailers continue to increase the number of price changes sent to stores
  • Retailers have accepted showrooming and are learning to live with it
  • The top technologies currently being evaluating, including price intelligence

Download and read the report and discover the rest of the key findings and how your pricing and promotion strategies measure up to your competition's.


  OmniChannel RSR How Retailers Use Price Intelligence to Respond to Omni Channel Challenges

As part of the 2013 annual benchmark survey on retail pricing practices, RSR Research investigated the use of competitive pricing data in the industry. Not surprisingly, 60% of respondents, across all retail segments, believe that pricing data is a very valuable componenet of their pricing strategies.

Tools and techniques used to gather this data vary widely however, and as such, interest in automated solutions is clearly on the rise.

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  OmniChannel RSR How Omni Channel Retailing has Transformed Price Intelligence

Like every other aspect of retail, pricing is being transformed by omni-channel retailing, and no where is this more apparent than in the changing role of competitive price monitoring. What was once a manual exercise, is now a sophisticated price intelligence solution.

This report highlights the fact that consumer electronics (CE) was the first category to discover and respond to this new requirement as shopping for CE products shifted more and more online. However, other product categories are not far behind. 

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Reinvent Pricing  Tough Love: An In Depth Look at Retail Pricing Practices
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RSR's sixth annual retail pricing survey is one of the most anticipated benchmarks of the year. It's an opportunity for retailers to get answers to their burning pricing questions and measure themselves against hundreds of other retailers who participated. This webinar explores the results of this pricing study to uncover new ways retailers can improve their pricing strategies. 

Some key areas of focus are:

  • Promotions: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly
  • Showrooming: how retailers report seeing it, and how the winners are reacting
  • Overcoming organizational barriers to implement more effective pricing practices
  • Technology enablers: what are the latest technologies that retailers are looking at to help them price to win
  • Price Intelligence: discover why 42% of retailers claim to be evaluating this technology to make smarter, more profitable pricing decisions.

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  CPI1 Competitive Pricing Report
  PDF Report


See how 10 North American retailers priced and promoted a Samsung 55" LED TV in Q4 of 2012 in our Competitive Pricing Report. Download the report and discover:

  • Amazon consistently outprices competition over the entire quarter
  • Black Friday week showed the biggest price drops of the quarter
  • Price volatility in Consumer Electronics remains high
  • Canadian retailers charge premiums for the same products

Download the report today!


Reinvent Pricing  Reinvent Your Pricing: 3 New Year's Resolutions Every Retailer Should Make
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This webinar outlines how retailers can improve their pricing initiatives to win over customers, improve returns and tackle lost market share. View the webinar and discover:

  • Forrester Research on the current state of retail pricing
  • MAP & UPP - What you need to know
  • Showrooming - is it really a silent killer?
  • The initiatives Sears Canada implemented to embrace price transparency
  • Pricing ownership - how to setup for success
  • Price Intelligence: The quick, easy way to improve your pricing 

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ForresterWhyAmazonMatters Why Amazon Matters Now More Than Ever

This report explores the drivers of Amazon's top and bottom line growth to date, how it has managed to achieve success and what that success means for retailers, where the firms is vulnerable, how other retailers can effectively coexist in this new retail environment, and the strategic lessons other businesses can learn from Amazon.

Read the report today to find out how Amazon uses price intelligence, and how it enables them to automatically monitor prices and dynamically make price changes to win.


What sets 360pi apart What sets 360pi apart?

This whitepaper examines the factors that set 360pi apart from its competition in the retail price intelligence and competitive price monitoring market.
Specifically it covers:

  • Industry-leading accuracy guarantees
  • Patent-pending algorithms
  • Big data capabilities
  • 100% automation

Discover the reason why 2 of the top 3 consumer electronic retailers in North America chose 360pi as their price intelligence solution vendor.


Price Intelligence Buyer's GuidePrice Intelligence Buyer's Guide: 12 Questions Retailers Don't Ask... But Should

 This whitepaper is designed to help retailers choose the best price intelligence provider.

It outlines 12 Questions that retailers should ask, but often don't, in order to do a proper evaluation of the solution vendors or augment their RFP.

Download this whitepaper today for a full evaluation checklist to avoid a disappointing and costly development.



The Retail Winners' Guide to Price Leadership
PDF Report

This whitepaper unveils RSR Research's 'Virtuous Pricing Cycle' and 4 steps to success:

  1. Corporate Objectives: Watch Outs
  2. Inputs that Matter: Our Retail Respondents Speak
  3. Execution: Keeping it Simple
  4. Evaluate: Understanding Responses of Customers and Competitors

 Discover if your pricing strategy is on the right track, or if it could benefit from some changes. Read the whitepaper today.


Approaches to Price Intelligence Approaches to Price Intelligence: What's the best way to monitor your competitors online?
PDF Whitepaper

If you are asking yourself any one of the following questions, you should definitely read this paper:

  • Should I build a solution in-house or buy an outsourced solution?
  • Can I hire a team to do this manually?
  • How can I integrate price intelligence with my price optimization solution?
  • Can a single price intelligence vendor effectively extrat data from all of my product categories? 

Ultimately, if you want to get a clear view into your competitors' prices and do it as quickly and cost effectively as possible, read this whitepaper now.


5WaystoWin Webinar5 Ways to Win the Price Sensitive Consumer
Headphones Webinar On-Demand
Listen to Nikki Baird from RSR Research, Best Buy's Tony Tomanek, and price intelligence experts from 360pi in this educational webinar and discover:
  • 5 ways to win the price sensitive consumer
  • How a leading retailer uses price optimization
  • Why price intelligence is a retailer's silver bullet to optimizing prices


RSR Best Practices Retail Pricing Best Practices
PDF Report
In today's hyper-competitive retail environment, retailers need to find new and innovative ways to win consumers. In this whitepaper, you will discover:
  • 5 pricing best practices amongst price intelligent retailers
  • A comparison between retailers using price intelligence vs. those who are not
  • How to overcome consumer price sensitivity - without racing to the bottom
  • How to run better promotions and decrease channel conflict


5 Price Intelligence Secrets Revealed 5 Price Intelligence Secrets Revealed
PDF Whitepaper

A common misconception is that using price intelligence results in a price war or a race to the bottom on price. This whitepaper sets out to dispel this myth and uncover the secrets to how retailers can accomplish the following with price intelligence:

  1. Increase margins and sales
  2. Win price negotiations with manufacturers
  3. Optimize prices for private label, brand-exclusive products
  4. Improve customer loyalty and trust
  5. Run more profitable and effective promotions

Effectively leverage price intelligence and beat your major competitors. Read 5 Price Intelligence Secrets Revealed.


360price 360price
PDF Data Sheet

360price is a complete retail price intelligence solution that allows retailers complete access to their competitors' prices. It has industry-leading match and accuracy rates, which means more pricing data that you can rely on to make the best pricing decisions for increased revenue and margin. Download the data sheet to find out more 360price features.


360comparables 360comparables
PDF Data Sheet
360comparables is a complete competitive price intelligence solution for similar or comparable products. It gives retailers full visibility into how their competitors are pricing products, in the same way that customers view it - by comparing not only identical products, but also products that have similar featurs and capabilities. This allows them to make far more optimal pricing decisions. Download the data sheet now to find out more.